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ZA True White Foundation

Holaaa lovelies, like I promised before I’d like to review about ZA True White Foundation.

It claimed to make radiance, clarity, brightening effect with bright white complex containing spotless brightening powder and poreless powder.
Satiny feel with aqua touch base formula.
Long lasting effect
Contains skincare ingredients, vitamins C & E, minerals, and hyaluronis acids.

I’m so interest since since it has a skincare function. Just like bb creams, while you using the foundation, it gives nutrition to the skin.
This is the ingredient, so if you are avoiding some component, you need to pay attention to this list.


The packaging comes with a pump which is more hygienic than in a jar. Just one pump is enough for the whole face.

The texture is quite light, not too heavy, and easy to blend. It also has a pleasant scent, not to strong.

I’m using shade OC30 which is pink under tone . The beauty advisor advise me to that shade. But, I think this is too dark to me. Maybe I should get shade OC20, since my skin is yellow undertone.


The coverage is medium and buildable. I think it’s not to heavy if you add one layer on skin.

As you can see, the left side the one without foundation, the right side the one with foundation. If you see a little longer, you can find out a shimmer. Yes it has a shimmer. It’s not so noticeable if you don’t see so close.

The oil control is quite good. I don’t take a blot until 4 hours. But, after 4 hours my face became dark, I think it oxidizes. Well I really should take the lighter shade.

So, have you try this foundation? Just share to me. 🙂


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