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Silkygirl Mini Haul

Blame to Silkygirl’s beauty assistant who inform me about ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promo.

Okay, my mistake whom can not resist of the word ‘promo’. *sigh* Last morning, I went to the new mall in my town ‘Bale Kota Mal’ for shopping groceries. I was going home after shopping but something asked me to go to departement store in the mall. I found Silkygirl counter and the BA was very nice. She told me that there was BOGOF promo. So the lamp is light, ‘aha’, what about the lipstick. I never tried lipstick from Silkygirl. The result were :


1. Moisture max lipcolor #caramel delight
2. Glossy trio lipgloss #peach03 (free)
3. EDT Hope
4. EDT SweetHeart (free)

I know.. I know… there will be no more beauty haul for a couple months. Except fashion haul maybe?? 😛 Like usual, review next month, next post.

What is your recent beauty haul?


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